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something isn't right I can feel it again

this isn't the first time you left me waiting

11/10/04 09:37 pm - gone


11/7/04 08:29 pm - life sucks , then you die, fuck the world, DON'T GET HIGH!

Well, i just got back from walgreens a few minutes ago and I just got done vacuuming my front room and back room so now I'm updating.

At Walgreens I got some cover up(though I don't need it), eyeliner, hair dye(black), perfume,a hair brush(I lost my last one)and deoderant(at least you know I'm clean).

The weekend has gone by to fast. stuff is going on with erica and uncle jimmy, stuff that should be called shit. my god people are in-fucking_sane as amanda puts it.

11/7/04 04:38 pm

My Best Friend is forcedtoreturn
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11/6/04 12:24 pm

Your LJ Minions by azysapphy
Second in commandyour_mom_k
Third in commandkenjimerica
Fourth in commandsnowfallendream
Minion of aboverekkashien
Minion of aboverivlee
Minion of abovekitsu_
Minion of abovesorrow_so_sweet
Minion of above_reinhardt_hime
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11/6/04 12:23 pm

How Will Your Friends Die? by arshus_ney
Will Choke On A Peachrekkashien
Will Be Murdered By A Psychoxnoxstylex
Will Be Eaten By Clownskitsu_
Will Die In The Throes Of Passionminkminkkitten
Will Be Abducted By Aliensgwen_is_so_foxy
Will Suffocate In A Corsetuchiha_sama
Will Be Smushed In A Trash Compactor_reinhardt_hime
Will Be Burned As A Witchdark_liberty
Will Be Slain By Their Loversorrow_so_sweet
Will Be "Hit" By The Mafiapnk_rcn_sux
Will Discover Immortalityforcedtoreturn
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that's funny

11/2/04 10:00 pm - *scratches at computer screen back,back baccccccccckkk

i'm back!!!!! yay! so yeah times been good did my hair today looks cool. the other day i died my hair black but it's brown in some spots! god, jon's been freaking awesome I'm learning so much from him mostly about no doubt but still it's cool. i learned the other day that smart girls are mean.

well i can't stay on for long so see ya




10/6/04 02:09 pm

hello my friends! i have a game today and I should really be finding my poms and i don't feel like it.

I keep having crazy dreams about John. It's crazy.

......i forgot what was supposed to put here.

well i g2g bye.

10/1/04 09:53 pm - another day

Well, today was great! I sit by jon joe amanda and omar in sci ence now how great.

bubba really did die. his wake is sunday and I'm going so yeah

i'm bored


quote: If you two don't hurry up i'm gonna have to hold your hands from now on.- amanda
Okay!- me

9/28/04 04:07 pm - i'm gonna go slipknot some things.

Today at school everybody was like "bubba's not dead he's just in a coma" so I'm so confused.

today we had Istep testing it sucks I know.

too lazy to write

9/28/04 07:10 am - It's the end of the world as we know it.....

bubba died last night. He took the clip out of the gun and didn't think there were more shells in the barrel, His friend picked up the gun and held it to his head then pulled the trigger. He was in a coma but he didn't last through the night. I can't believe that happened now everybody will be crying and everybody will be like "lorenzo's gonna die, I'm gonna kill lorenzo" fucking insane xoxo tori quote of the day. Don't play with guns, think about bubba.
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